Can anyone help me with my new Keurig coffee pod maker? I have a new Keurig coffee maker that uses the pods and it worked great when I set it up, but now it’s just constantly blinking "NOT READY". Is it broken?

stephen haworth replied: "sounds like it is broken."

Will Tassimo T-Pods fit in a Keurig Coffee Maker? I have a Keurig Coffee maker but I love Gevalia coffee and they only make Gevalia coffee in T-Pods for a Tassimo coffee maker my question is will the t-pods still fit in my keurig?

singletrack65 replied: "No, the K-Cups are completely different than the T-Pods and are not interchangeable. I’m not a big fan of these machines in general, but I think you’re better off with what you have.

K-Cups are sealed away from air that ruins the preground coffee, so they taste as fresh as such a machine can be. T-Pods aren’t sealed, so once you open the package the clock is ticking. If you want true Gevalia coffee flavor, get a french press, add boiling water, wait 3-4 minutes, and you’ll have fresh, rich coffee no machine can duplicate. Otherwise, just stay with the Keurig."

Keurig Coffee Brewer and Pods? My mom wants a single cup coffee maker for christmas, and I was searching around and it seems like the best kind is a keurig. True?

Since my mom isn’t into any fancy coffees or teas or anything, I was wondering if this system allows other brands of pods to be used in it? I’ll use the k-cups as well, but I think she would mainly use the Folger’s coffee pods.

Any help would be great and let me know if you like this machine! Or, if you’d like to suggest a different brand of brewer, thats good too:) Thanks!

Long Beach Rocker replied: "The Keurig system is exclusive, that is to say that it can only use their own pods. Most other manufacturers do this as they don’t want you buying someone else’s product. The system can get quite pricey because of the cost of individually packaging each cup of coffee."

Ajnavah replied: "I bought a Keurig for my husband and parents last year for Christmas. All 3 of them wonder how they ever lived without it. My father doesn’t have to deal with decaf and my mom doesn’t have to deal with extra strong regular. Everyone gets what they want. You do not have to use K-cups (they are on average .50 cents a cup) You can buy a 15.00 dollar strainer that goes with the Keurig and use ANY kind of coffee you wish as well as teas, cocoas etc.
Pods for other brands won’t fit this machine but they make it very easy to use any brand.
I would make sure you go with the machine with a water resevoir that suits you and your mom’s coffee making needs."

Regina C replied: "Try The Perfect Pod Holster. It is supposely made specifically for Keurig and it allows you to use virtually any pod in your Keurig coffee Machi. I just ordered one for my Keurig B70, it shoud arrive next week. To be honest, I have no idea how good it works, but the ratings on Amazon seem to be pretty decent. There is an instructional video on Amazon as well."

Coffee Pods Question? Can you use Coffee pods on a Keurig coffee maker? and will it taste the same as if you were using the k-cups?

Kate replied: "No, you can’t. The Keurig needs the cups and punctures them, forces the water through. I doubt the pods would hold up to this, since they would be punctured by the two needles and when the water is forced in, would probably not sit long enough in the pod to brew properly."

I need help with my Keurig coffee machine? I have been using my Keurig machine making coffee with the K cups for about 7 months. This afternoon, I was in the kitchen, no where near the coffee maker when all of a sudden it started pouring water out of the spout, steaming and making brewing noise. When I opened up the pod holder, the pod that was in there from this morning had burst and there were coffee grounds all over the inside of the pod holder. I unplugged it right away, cleaned it up and now when I plug it in it’s dead. No lights, nothing. Did anyone else ever have this happen to them? Any ideas or suggestions?

Ee replied: "I’ve had my Keurig for about almost two years now and love it. Double check to see if your machine is plugged into a socket that has a GFI. It sounds like a power surge or something of that nature. If that’s the case you need to hit the little red button on the socket. I forget this from time to time!! I’ve been hoping mine would kick the bucket so I could get the model that brews 3 sizes instead of the one I have that only brews 2. You can also call 1-888-try-gmcr. They are super helpful…it’s where I get my coffee. Good luck and I hope it works by morning!!!!"

Is the Keurig K Cup coffee maker a good deal? I recently tried a sample of these and though the idea of making individual hot drinks almost instantly was a great idea. Although, after looking at the price of the individually packaged K Cup pods I soon wondered if it was such a great deal. Has anyone had any experience with these machines? Are they a good deal?

singletrack65 replied: "My car dealer has one in the waiting room and I tried it once. It’s not as bad as many of the canned coffees (Folger’s/Maxwell House), but it’s not as good as fresh ground coffee.

Even if the taste were as good, I wouldn’t buy it because it does cost more than regular coffee & it produces way too much waste. It’s like bottled water, you pay extra, create tons of trash, and don’t really get any benefit from it.

If you’re looking for convenience & a great cup of coffee, you can always buy a small french press that is just enough for a single cup. The coffee will taste better, the press is cheaper than any "one cup" machine, it doesn’t take up any space (all you need is a way to boil water), and you can compost the grounds to produce zero trash.

A french press can also be used to make tea & to froth milk, so it has even more value as a multi-purpose tool."

Does the Senseo single serve coffees fit into a Keurig? I think Keurig calls them "K-Cups" but I found Senseo single serve coffee "pods" for about half the price. We have a Keurig machine but I was wondering if the Senseo brand would fit in it.

Wickman replied: "No, the Senseo coffee pods will not fit in a Keurig machine. If you want to use coffee pods in a Keurig, you need to buy a device called a "Pod Hoster" that looks like a K-Cup that you put a coffee pod inside of. It works pretty well, but I wouldn’t advise that you use it with Senseo branded coffee pods. The Senseo pods are stale and only contain enough coffee to make a 4 oz. cup. Some much better coffee pods to try are from other vendors like Fratello, Black Mountain Gold, Reunion Island or Cafejo.

See the links below for the Pod Holster and Fratello pods. Much cheaper than K-Cups and a better variety."

Question about Keurig coffee maker? Hi! I’d like to buy some coffee for my aunt but she doesn’t have a conventional coffee machine. (she has a Keurig machine – dont know which kind though) I was wondering if it would be possible to buy coffee beans for her? I’ve never really heard of the machine she has but it has it’s own filter supposedly. -> here’s a picture:

Is it like the S enseo pods where you can buy an empty pod filter and fill it with the coffee of your choice or is it exclusive to the coffee filled filter that’s made for the specific kind of coffee maker she has?

Please let me know!

E O replied: "We’ve got the Keurig Platinum B70 Special Edition and it’s great. Keurig does have what they call a K-cup which is a reusable filter that you can fill with your choice of grinds. Works in Keurig home brewers B40 Elite, B50 Ultra, and B60 Special Edition but does not not fit B100, B100P, or B2000/3 Keurig brewers. It works for us but you will have to check about hers. There is also a K-Cap that is sold on Ebay which you can adapt to empty K-cups so you can refill them.

Hope this helps."

Recommendations on single serve coffee makers? Pods, K-cups, etc? Our company is switching from Starbucks to a local brewer whose coffee is so weak I cannot even taste it. I want to get a single serve machine to keep in my office. I don’t drink coffee every day, but when I do I want it to be tasty.

My last company has Keurig machines, and I never found a coffee that I liked. Any recommendations on other systems? Thanks.

PCB XII replied: "Just take a pinch of the grounds and put it between your cheek and gum."

Dr. KIA GCG don’t care replied: "don’t do pods
my bff had a pod maker and she can’t find the pods anywhere now…
that’s all i have to offer"

Frank ‘Grimey’ Grimes replied: "Doesn’t Folgers make some single serve coffee packet things?

<— Ready to die"

Mac S replied: "Microwave. Folger’s Instant*. A shot of Irish Whiskey. Cream to taste."

Wonder’s Furry and Fluffy replied: "For only $6.42 a day, Wonder will deliver a cup of hot Starbucks to your office each day….
See …?


cel’s giant beaver replied: "I know of a great single serve coffe maker.

It’s called 7-11. Get off yer azz and drive over there."

2-Dogs Nuetered replied: "P.O.D.S.

Point Of Distribution (FEMA) sponsored, huricane Ike crap

K, cups, whats that some bra size?"

Styles Gagan replied: "How about this.. next time you get a cup of coffee, pour yourself 2 cups. Now, drink one cup at normal pace, and after you finish that, the second cup should be cool enough for you drink really fast!"

Guido McUnstoppable replied: "Have you considered Guido’s brand?